June 20, 2012

The Sparks and the Ruts

Yes, those are my new little oregano plants sprouting up.  These little babies appear to be quite hardy, and were easily germinated--from the eleven tiny seeds planted, nine have sprouted.  In both form and function, these seedlings will be wholly useful.  Stare at them, I must, for they are so beautiful in their seedling state; when they are older, their dried leaves will be provide perfectly-palatable seasoning.*

Getting back on topic, the oregano plants are an example of what constitutes the current sparks in my creativity.  In other words, the seedlings' mere being allows me to engage, relax, and just be, myself.  Not actively thinking or anxiously fretting about creativity or work, I enjoy the moment and throw myself fully into it.  Sometimes the creative moment lasts the entire day, and those are the best of days spent and (at the same time) are the ones most longed for.  

In theory, it sounds like an easy task, this relaxing, engaging, and just being, while riding the creativity wave--but it isn't so for me.   Has anyone else ever experienced this difficulty (and almost guilt) in being able to relax?  This appalling anxiety?

The other part of my dichotomous blog post title, the "ruts," refers primarily to what the word means.  Not that "rut" is an entirely negative word, although its connotation may prove otherwise.  We need the ruts in life in order to have the sparks; without one, the other cannot be compared to, defined, or even physically, emotionally, or mentally felt.

Seemingly different from the sensory and synaptic junctures of the mind and body, our entire lives also continually run this one-or-the-other creative spark or rut course: sometimes one and sometimes the other, depending on circumstance and mindset.  From this, I believe that we learn greatly about oneself and about oneself in relation to others.  I leave this entry with an appropriate blog post from my political opposite, my hermit friend, GoHeyJudy--"She has a name.  She has a story."  Brilliant!

*Regarding planting seeds:
If you're interested, I used coco (coconut) coir rather than amended soil to grow my indoor plants because I am a germophobe.  So far, I am happy with the results of this media, since coco coir has great water retention and my plants are growing healthily.  The downside of this soilless mix is that it requires some care: nutrients need to be added on a weekly basis for optimal plant growth.

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Judy GoHeyJudy said...

What does relaxing mean? LOL. Thank, Emerald! You're the best-est. : ))