June 08, 2012

In the Name of Relaxation

Hi everyone (okay, the five people who read my blog), it's been awhile, hasn't it?  I've up and left no Internet trail for roughly ten days.  And I tell you, it was well worth it.  Not that I abhor the Internet, it's just that it's an utterly freeing experience to not have to worry about emails, the shop, the cellphone, and deadlines for longer than a few days.  For a little while, the daily stresses of life are delayed.

All in the name of relaxation...

I used to feel intensely guilty about all the above, even about not having to worry.  But now I realize that vacations are not only for mental clarity--it is also healthy for the body to not have to readily anticipate stress.  Learning how to relax is truly an art form: much like listening to a late spring snow falling from the ancient trees onto a leaf-strewn path.  Will talk to you all soon; I'm still a bit vacation-lagged.

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