March 30, 2012

New Handmade Business Cards: A "Go"

A few months ago, I blogged about taking my shop in a slightly new direction with the inclusion of handmade business cards in place of my tried and true, professionally-printed ones.  These new handmade cards were to be created from Kraft cardstock and a custom-made stamp that my husband purchased as part of my Christmas gift last year.  While not as sleek and "pretty" as the professional variety, the new cards would provide a refreshing, simple change to my shop aesthetic, making nearly every part of my product and packaging "design" handmade by me (this, of course, excludes the packing/raw materials and baker's twine, etc.).

This month, I made the executive decision that this roughly-hewn plan is a "go."  And after polishing off the edges in the business card prototype department (i.e.: stamp and sticker placement), I am truly excited about this little change of EmeraldCut scenery--which is not quite a little change to me because since my Etsy shop's inception, I have had professionally-printed business cards.

Here are the two designs (out of the original five) that I have decided on:

The sticker with the rings is from my Etsy profile--I also have stickers of a raw citrine point.  The hand-carved rubber maple leaf stamp is from CraftingCasa.  My shop name/logo/url stamp is from clever thursday.  This is my trial run with handmade business cards: let's see how they go.

A beautiful weekend to you all!


Unknown said...

LOVE love love!

EmeraldCut said...

Thanks, GoHeyJudy! I'm pretty stoked about the new business cards. :)