December 26, 2011

Pay it Forward | New Year

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday...

I know that not everyone is able to purchase a gift because of the current economic status in our country (and world, for that matter).  So I have greatly reduced in price a few items in my shop in an effort to "pay it forward."  Random acts of kindness are oftentimes hard to come by, and this is my teeny-tiny contribution to the world.

"Paying it forward" is associated with a random act of kindness, and for me, little distinction is made between the two.  Both terms are also synonymous with carrying out a good deed.  It is my hope that you "pay it forward" in some way or another, too--whether it be paying for the person behind you in line, giving a formidable tip to a worthy wait person, or even helping an elderly neighbor cross the street.  A little kindness (and mindfulness) goes a long way.


Truthfully, I, myself, could make a better note of the latter.  Mindfulness, that is.  Also, I don't really believe in making New Year's resolutions.  I have a difficult time believing (or making believe in) something that warrants such goal-oriented thinking: a goal that must be made in a specific time of year, and completed in x amount of time.  Time isn't quite as linear as we believe it to be.

So cheers to not making New Year's resolutions.  Cheers to being mindful and creative: jotting down a to-do list rather than feeling the need to make a goal and keep it because, let's face it, there are too many variables in life to consider.  Goals are more like ideal road maps, anyways.  The most enriching experiences are found away from the hum-drum of the norm. 

Have a fun and safe new year!

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