December 05, 2011

Early Holiday Cheer

I am very excited today because after spending nearly all yesterday afternoon and evening creating holiday cards for my hermit friends, the cards have been sent out!!  This was all completed after being indecisive for weeks on what to give them.  You think I'm detail oriented?  There were all sorts of logistical dilemmas, such as: price, size, and creative blunders.  A learning experience, indeed.  (So if any of my hermits are reading this, your card should arrive within the next few weeks!)  Thanks must be expressed to my husband who diligently made two trips to the post office this morning.

I'm not big on the holidays, but this feat has me feeling quite cheery and content.  Well, not in the Christmas music, sugar plums, and screaming children in malls sort of way.  It's more like I want to sit by the fire-and read a darned good book.  (My pile of books to read beckons me, but I'm a veeeerrrrry slow reader.  The pile has not gotten much smaller in a year.)

My new favorite word is: bibliophile.  This, after seeing a segment on PBS about the declining popularity of books among youth in Japan.  The segment showed an old man bibliophile.  I am the antithesis of the typical bibliophile in Japan.  I'd much rather have my head stuck in a book than have it hovering over an electronic version of one, any day.  Cheers to real books and not computer versions of them!


GoHeyJudy said...

Computer versions of books will make you go blind. No really. They will. I'm doing my hermit cards this week. I'm so excited! I'm sending you a copy of Rush Limbaugh's first book. No really. I am. LOL.

EmeraldCut said...

Hahahha....I now know the truth!

Chaotic Harmony said...

Books are works of art. I will always be a book collector, and a rescuer of discarded library books.