November 10, 2011

Mad About Citrine

Citrine points, that is.  I started my Etsy shop a year ago with raw citrine and amethyst point pendants.  An amethyst point was the first item sold (to a lady in Japan!).  Citrine points have continued to be a bestseller for me, and I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of creating, photographing, and listing them for sale in my shop.  My favorite items to photograph are raw citrine points: the varied shades of yellow seem to glisten and bask in the sunlight; each angle of a raw citrine point is very unique, as well as its shape and color gradient, ranging from pale, minimalist yellow to an earthy, deep amber.

Optimistic.  The metaphysical properties of citrine include helping to foster creativity and gently lifting one out of depression.  To me, citrine looks like sunshine, embodied in stone form.  Here are the raw citrine points recently listed for sale...

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