October 28, 2011

A Wee Bit Premature

I am a little early in writing this blog, but that's okay with me.  Actually, I was going to hold off on writing anything semi-coherent for at least the next few days.  However, my mind is yearning for some interaction, while my body dryly states, "Can't you hold off for another few days?"  My arm is even sore.  But live with it, I must.  I believe that my brain goes nuts in this head of mine if not allowed a daily dosage of blog reads, posting, and creating of some sort--whether it be writing, jewelry, or another art form.

A bunch of vintage jewelry has been listed for sale in my Etsy shop.  Currently, I am about halfway done with listing these new items, and plan to finish listing new vintage jewelry (the term sounds contradictory, doesn't it?) within the next few months. 

Currently listed vintage:

Adding vintage jewelry to my shop was to be an experiment...new jewelry vs. old jewelry, popularity, etc.  So far, my vintage pieces have garnered far more views than my new pieces have within a similar time period!

I am finalizing my Etsy shop's 1-year anniversary details right now.  Look forward to a blog post within the next few days for details (i.e.: HUGE coupon code!) and blog reader exclusives!  (Sigh, I can't believe it's nearly November.  October flew on by without leaving anything behind in its wake!  Well, except for a few pumpkins and falling leaves--can't wait for late autumn weather.)

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