August 25, 2011

On Blogging and Ads

(FYI: This blog entry is a bit disjointed, but captures the caffeine jitters;  here are my "vignettes.")

The monthly ad that I've placed on is nearing its end.  I don't know if the ad added to the sales boost this month, or if it is because autumn, winter, and their respective holidays are quickly approaching.  (It's almost!)  Variables such as the time of year and the economy will also play into the visibility and outcome of an ad space, in terms of revenue.  I've received quite a few shop views from the blog ad, but was it worth it?  In other words, is paying for shop views via an ad space, and having potential sales through it, worth it in the end?  I don't know yet.  The ohhellofriend blog is the first ad space that I've purchased--I'd really have to purchase another one in the future to compare shop views (thanks, Etsy SEO).

Recently, I have learned how to use Picnik's collage tool; a no-brainer to use, but a fun, useful, and eye-pleasing tool to utilize if you want to include multiple images into one blog entry (see the latest blog entry prior to this one).  My collages (digital and handmade) are a glimpse into my day/week/life and innermost thought processes via a visually-interpretive, one-paged storybook of sorts.  The multiple interpretations of any single image within AND separate from the whole image is what draws me to create collages; is what has always drawn me to them.  My feelings could be both hidden and overt, via an image that can be interpreted differently depending on context, personal emotions, and frame of mind.  It's much like being the one hiding, while at the same time, also being the one doing the seeking.  I guess it's an introvert's attempt at making some noise.


Lately, I have craved images more than words; other days, I crave words more than images.  Today, I crave both: I just have not downloaded the pictures from my camera.  Some Jane Eyre, pretty jewelry, and other forget-me-nots patiently await...

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