August 30, 2011

A Change

I used to admire anything gothic, red, and ornate.  The darkly romantic aesthetic, accented by deeply-hued stones, was my muse.  Then I met my (now) husband, and all things changed: I began admiring nature, sunlight, and optimistic beauty.  Contemplation of the upbeat, more complex variety began to permeate my thoughts.  My jewelry of choice even reflected this personal change, and this shows in my shop items--bright green peridot, sunshine-yellow citrine, whimsically-unique rainbow moonstone, and earthy, rainbow-colored watermelon tourmaline are abundant.  This colorful palette became my new muse.

Never would I have imagined that the woman who loved all things dark and introspective four years ago, would revel in the sunlight, today.  But glad I am.

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