August 04, 2011

The Art of Presentation

I thought I'd share how I package my EmeraldCut shop items in this post.  My process is simple, but I enjoy creating new, little variances in the packaging process, adding a little change here, another there.  It adds an extra dimension, a personal and creative touch, to the online selling/buying (non-face-to-face) process--which can sometimes be so impersonal.  Keeping my with shop philosophy, I try to use minimal packaging, utilizing recycled and biobiodegradable materials.

Here are the goods that arrive with purchases from my shop...   

Your purchase will arrive in a decoupaged Kraft Box (if it is jewelry) with my shop logo--created from old magazine pages.

Non-jewelry items will arrive in recycled cellophane holders, neatly wrapped with a ribbon created from a magazine page or cotton twine.  Cardboard panels may be included as an extra layer of protection.

Also included with each purchase is a complimentary gift.

You will receive a business card, of which I have numerous designs.  This particular card is my newest business card design, with an image of my bestselling pendant: a raw citrine point. 

Spring green-colored, cotton twine is used to tie together my business card and a little note of thanks.

These items are then carefully placed into a USPS, US-made bubble mailer.  After taping on the shipping information, the package is ready to ship.

I hope that you enjoyed taking a little peek into my packing process.  I cannot guarantee that the process may change a bit over time, as I put into place new ideas.  :)  How do you present and package purchased items?

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