July 27, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

I love good news.  Surrounding myself with my "optimism" color--pale green--and Angie Stone's "Mahogany Soul," I am soaring high, floating on cloud nine.  I am enamored with my new chartreuse and white porcelain bowl from the minimalist, SuiteOneStudio, love my husband with all my contemplative heart, and am reaching for the stars.  Inspire me; humble me.

A few of my favorite green-colored things:


Green Aventurine Necklace

Peridot Ring

Pencil Case

P.S. I'm keeping positive, with kind thoughts.  Unexpected turns, this life: all the more for us to learn and grow.  Wisdom is attained from our learning experiences; we grow from these experiences, however raw or enlightening they may be.  I am a firm believer in that life has a way of righting itself up when all seems to crumble around you.  There is hope in the ruins, continuity in the disjointed.

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