December 26, 2019

They're Back

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I have some shop-related news: some of my favorite bookish items are back in shop!  I enjoyed creating these bookish beauties, which showcase old book pages along with lots of handmade love and personalization.
 I created this one-of-a-kind poem on a smooth birch slice using tiny vintage book-page words cut from an old copy of my favorite text, Jane Eyre.  A sprig is stamped under the poem for a thoughtful visual contrast.  This is a delicate piece - no protective sealant, so you can see the book-page texture atop the smoothness of the wood slice.
 Small origami book-page heart bookmarks stamped with your initials - lovely for weddings and engagements, and as a girlfriend/boyfriend gift.  Each heart is cut, folded, glued, and stamped by me.  A tassel completes the piece.  Can be used as a unique door or window hang, too.
This last piece was from a customer's request: a tiny ampersand pendant talisman.  It's a twist on my tiny stamped initials pendant found here.  In addition to being a reminder of one's love, it doubles as a little good-luck memento for writers and thinkers.

* * * 

This past fall marked my Etsy shop's ninth year.  Can you believe it?  Almost a decade in business.  When I started out, I wanted to create an outlet for my artistic endeavors, which at that time was jewelry making.  Now I stamped metal, create book-page goods, and most importantly, offer writing services.  I often omit discussing the latter, but it is the work that is, in truth, my heart's work.  My soul.  

I began offering writing services after earning my MA back in 2013.  It was a time of transition, as my prolonged college years came to an end, and I also experience the profound loss of a loved one whose zest for books surpassed my own.  His vast book collection is now my own - I've documented it on this blog in posts from 2013.  I write like I think: a little different than others.  My writing style differs from others in that it is highly nuanced and sensitive, acerbic and witty.  I relish the classic works.  I think deeply.  And try to breathe deeply, too.  Motherhood.

So to you, my blog readers, thank you for reading.  The best to you in 2020.

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