December 04, 2018

Shop News

I've spoken on this subject a little on Instagram, but wanted to share more about my thought process here.  Etsy, as a venue for independent sellers of handmade goods, has changed so much in the last handful of years - mostly, it has become more commercialized.  Mass consumerism has arrived in full force, and I will not undervalue the quality of my work or creative process. But things change; we evolve.

Since becoming a mother, my top priorities have been rearranged.  Being a mother comes first, and then everything else.  My shop will stay open, though.  New offerings will be added sporadically.  Here is a recent order for a stamped custom baby spoon, made from US steel in the USA, and hand stamped freehand by me.

For holiday orders, US orders must be placed by 12/14 for ready-to-ship items.  The international orders deadline has passed.  I deeply appreciate your support this holiday season!

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