August 14, 2018

The Wallflower Box

My husband recently surprised me with a gift from The Wallflower Box.  I'm not big on surprises, but he tends to surprise me infrequently and when it's most needed.  Below are photos from the opening - excuse the non-edited cellphone photos' quality and size.  Baby A even sort of makes an appearance.  (Fyi: the item shown here is called the "Luxe Mystery Box" where you can choose a book, from their selection, to include with your order.) 

Initial thought: Sweet packaging, not overtly girly in look.  Love the minimal recyclable packaging.  Now, the contents of the package:

Unscented body butter

Bath bomb

Peach pie candle

Strawberry papaya green tea

Stress relief dough

Oil blend packaging

Bottle of oil blend

Carnelian pendant

Organic seeds

Back of organic seeds package

Final thoughts: Excited about the book, and I'll likely use almost everything in the box.  The peach pie candle scent is a bit cloying, but Baby A enjoys opening and closing the candle (under supervision, of course).  As for the other scents, the Bloom Blend oil smells calming to this picky-about-scents lady - if only the loose cap stayed on; and the bath bomb is delightfully scented without being too sweet or floral in nature.  Can't wait to try a cup of the uniquely flavored green tea, in addition to the unscented body butter.  I reached out to the maker of the sublimely scented stress relief dough, and she said there may a slight chance of peanut contamination, so I sadly won't be using it.  With a curious toddler, the carnelian-and-leather cord necklace is just my style.  And the organic seeds are perfect for growing next spring.  

Best yet, Baby A thinks the entire box - and its contents - is a present for her.  Keeps her busy for a good 15 minutes.  Thank you to my husband for this thoughtful gift, and to the ladies at The Wallflower Box for making this overtired mama feel pampered.

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