March 22, 2018


It's been a whirlwind first part of the year, hasn't it?  I need not discuss the state of our nation or the world here, but I assume you understand what I mean.  As for my Etsy shop, I've been receiving an increase in writing service inquiries.  This has been a blessing because, as you know, I'm an academically trained writer with an MA degree.  However, one thing that clients frequently ask for is editing done within 24 hours.  I unfortunately can't meet this requirement right now.  Firstly, writing and editing is a process that takes intense concentration and time to complete.  For me, at least.  I look over a piece many times before I am happy with the edits I've made.  Secondly, I contact the client with my questions on the piece, and don't start editing until I hear back from them - these questions can include tone, content, word choice, a need for more detail(s), etc.  And lastly, I have a busy home life that includes a very mobile toddler whose love for conversation and books takes precedent over all else in the moment.  I edit in the in-between moments, in the wee morning and twilight hours, during nap time.  And the wait is entirely worth it.

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