September 04, 2017


From last September when I was still pregnant

It's September and I haven't had the energy or creative spark to make a piece of jewelry.  Baby A. now sleeps at a somewhat reasonable hour but doesn't nap in her crib, so my off time is spent unwinding or frantically cleaning our place little by little.  Not an easy task for the introverted.  Therefore, new jewelry will have to wait until I am fully in the creative flow - when meticulously designing, making, photographing/editing, and writing listing descriptions do not have to fit like a jigsaw puzzle piece into my schedule.

I know I say this often, but I mean it: thank you for your support.  Customers old and new have given me the momentum to simultaneously be a shop owner and a mom.  Your kind words do not go unnoticed.  For instance, I recently sold a pair of winter-inspired earrings - whose entire proceeds were donated to Feeding America - to a new customer who thanked me for shipping so quickly...a handful of days after her purchase.  Needless to say, your understanding is very much appreciated!

Although I don't have new jewelry listed for sale, I have recently renewed a few paper goods, including this fall favorite.  In addition, my content writing services are available for purchase.  When I make new jewelry, which I hope will be soon, you will be the first to know here.


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