August 13, 2017


With the end of summer fast approaching, I've been searching for glimpses of autumn in the world around me.  A sharper gust of wind, a cooler shift in the air, an early golden leaf.  Baby A. is my constant companion in these outdoor jaunts, peeping over my shoulder and looking high up into the clouds from her vantage point in the carrier.  I have to try pushing her around in the stroller because she's getting bigger and bigger - where does the time go?

Motherhood has become a sort of coming-of-age story for me, an awakening.  If I could go back in the past I'd tell myself to be kinder, to cut out the incessant worrying and the frustration because it's all happening for a reason.  The reason may be elusive in the moment, but there is always a point being made.

As the verdant colors of summer shift to those of autumn, I look forward to sharing my favorite season with my little one.  The golds and browns and oranges and reds.  The cozy sweaters and the hoodies.  I also look forward to celebrating her first birthday, helping her take her first steps, and taking road trips with her Daddy and her.  She already says 10+ words on her own; reading/studying books is her favorite pastime.

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