February 23, 2017


I have to admit that it's all about baby A. lately.  Jewelry has not been made, shop orders have shipped a few days later than usual, and product inquiries have been answered at all hours of the day.  And I believe this is how it should be.  At least for now.  Babies don't have on-the-dot wake and sleep times.  Mine doesn't nap much (or at all) during the day, and sleeps at strange God-forsaken hours.  But oh, her Cheshire Cat grin.  Her silly, quiet laugh; the sweet sparkle in her old-soul eyes.  For now, it's all how it should be.  When I'm ready to start making jewelry again, I will.  Until then, I'll be knee-deep in the crazy love that is motherhood, knowing full well that the long days, weeks, and years of childhood will, in truth, be short-lived.

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