December 23, 2016

Year's End Recap

2016 has been a whirlwind year: periods of time have stood still, ran past me, and then slowed to an easier pace.  We got pregnant, birthed a baby in the fall, and then scurried around as the holidays came around - having a baby changes everything.  Also, I made it a 2016 shop goal to donate $175 to Feeding America.  With each shop item purchased by you, I've donated $1 to this worthy charity.  Yet as you could see, I didn't keep up with my donations past September.  Don't worry - I'll make a donation for the last three months of this year once the craziness of the holidays finally settles down.  I miss my coffee.

This being said, I wholeheartedly appreciate every shop sale and kind word received.  This year has been especially wonderful.  Many times, a sales transaction is so impersonal - especially when it's made online.  However, hearing your stories and sharing my work with the world has been a true blessing.  I've realized this as more time has passed.  My shop may not be the most popular or the most prolific, but as one buyer said:

"One last thing... from looking at your work, it's clear that you put a lot of care into it. There's way too many people who make jewellery devoid of character nowadays, and it makes finding your stuff all the more refreshing! Keep doing what you do :)"

So thank you.  Have a wonderful Christmas, year's end, and a thoughtful opening of the new year!

 P.S. If you're wondering about my writing services, I'll be adding them back to my Etsy shop in 2017. 


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