September 08, 2016

New in Shop: Raven Book Page Envelopes

If you've been following along on Instagram, the subject of this blog post - raven book page envelopes - may look familiar.  This week, I added a set of 10 of these small handmade envelopes to my Etsy shop.  Spooky and perfect for Halloween gifting or parties, these delicate envelopes can also be used for your seasonal DIY projects and function as bookish Poe-esque home decor, too.


Close-up of the raven/crow image, which I stamp by hand using a rubber stamp and archival black ink.  Layout varies slightly per envelope, as does ink saturation.

These upcycled book pages each have a different visual text layout.

No top closure allows for use as tiny gift bags - tape the top closed with your washi tape of choice and you're all set.

Size-wise, these handmade envelopes are around 4" tall x 2.75" wide.

* * *

See the listing here.


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