August 25, 2016

Back at It

Trying to get back in to making jewelry.  I even set aside the above stones, looked at them glinting gloriously in the light, and then of course - like the tentative dreamer I am - put them back into their respective little containers.  Still, these stones sit on my desk (in containers), so I'll wait for inspiration to light a fire under me before I break out the sterling silver wire and actually make something pretty.  My goal: something different, color driven, and effortlessly autumn - but wearable all year-round.  At least I'm actively thinking about jewelry making, right?

Stones shown here: peridot, peacock pearl, labradorite, citrine, opal, hessonite garnet, white moonstone, carnelian, kyanite, smoky quartz, amethyst, and heliodor.

* * *

Thank you to my wonderful buyers for sticking by me and continuing to support my ever-evolving vision!  My shop was first a jewelry shop, then I added wedding goods, and finally quality writing services after I received my MA degree a few years back.  I'm still amazed that I have return buyers (half-kidding here).  Lastly, I'm slowly taking shop inquiries again, so if you have questions please ask.

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