April 22, 2016

Last Night's Sunset

via Instagram

Last night's sunset had re-awoken something in me that was once fleeting, elusive even.  The sky was drenched in golden partial light and pulsed with fluffy rainclouds, a precursor of the day to come.  An expansive view it was as far as I could see.  To the right, the clouds drew out in wispy textures; to the left and above, they were thick and ominous; but right in the middle, where the setting sun found its immediate backdrop, was where the true delight lay as the last glimpses of sunlight diffused brightly into a cool, calm sky as ominous thunderhead-like tufts threatened directly above.  As long as I stared at the sky, not a cloud moved; only the setting sun guided the slow passage of time.  A minute became two became ten or even fifteen.  I do not remember.  But what I do remember is this: the sun set, the clouds eventually dispersed, and the mood lifted--surged and shook until it became whole again.

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