April 14, 2016

April Thoughts

Oh man, is it already mid-April?  It's been quiet around here, as you've likely noticed.  But I haven't been slacking.  I've been answering convos, writing for clients, and packing orders regularly--but haven't gotten the chance to sit down and make new work just yet.  I know, I know, April is the start of wedding season and spring has sprung.  I should already have a game plan.  Yet, I'm currently going with the flow and not pushing it with new ideas, which is an entirely new concept for me.  (Usually, I challenge myself to come up with a list of shop ideas each week.)  And it's been so windy around here these past few weeks.  Pollen dusts everything, even our dog's depth of fur in a fine sprinkling of gold that, when brushed away, makes one's eyes itch madly.

I'm hoping for a less windy day for some smooth sailing...and less spring allergy aggravation.

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