February 26, 2016


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Quiet and crazy: this is how it's been around here lately.  With the weather changing manic-like from 75 degrees one day to 60 degrees a few days later, I'm still reeling from the effects of a too-early spring with profuse buds and blooms and pollen dusting everything.  It's supposed to be winter, right?  At this time two years ago, I still remember the hummingbirds leaving for a few months because of the cold, only to return in spring.  This year, spring has come in February.  A part of me is hopeful that winter weather will once again reign before April, for at least a few weeks.

The crazy weather coupled with the relative quiet in shop news has been a fruitful recipe for some belated (and much needed) introspection.  Shop, donations, creative direction, and my novel are all included in this thought process.  This month's donation will be humble compared to January's, but I'm happy to donate what I can with your help ($1 per item purchased will be donated to Feeding America).  Also, I've been working steadily on editing my novel, which is a refreshing challenge on multiple fronts unrelated to the shop.  I've stopped making new jewelry for the time being to reevaluate my shop's direction, but will still accept custom jewelry orders on a case-by-case basis.  This isn't a permanent decision, though--expect new jewelry to be made and added to the shop by late April.  My writing services and bookish wedding items will not be affected by this ruminative slant. 

I hope that things are going well for you all.  "Lately" has been lovely and disconcerting at the same time.  Life often works that way, doesn't it?  

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