February 01, 2016

January Donation Made

#goodsforgood #givingback @ectiwshop

Great news!  With your help, I just made my first-ever monthly donation to Feeding America, which was $15 from your January purchases.  Thank you to everyone who participated this month--the note of thanks above lists the states/countries from which these purchases were made, along with a personalized handwritten message.  (Hopefully you can decipher my chicken-scratch handwriting.)  It means so much to me that I was able to contribute $15 this past month.  This donation couldn't have been made without your support, and it's my full-hearted hope that with each coming month the amount that I give to this charity will grow (full details in link at post's end).

To help facilitate this, I've been working steadily on creating new jewelry, which I recently posted a photo of on Instagram here--will share close-ups of these pieces later on this week on this blog.  (I'm still editing photos because I took close to 100 shots of just a handful of new pieces...photo editing is a slow, steady process with winter light.)

Here is the January 2016 donation receipt:

This year, I will donate $1, via each listing bought by you, to the food bank charity Feeding America.  A contribution will be made monthly, with the donation receipt--and handwritten thank-you note--posted on this blog.  Read all the details here.

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