January 21, 2016

A Rainy Day

It's been a rainy January here.  These photos were taken this month on my smartphone, except for the window shot, which was from my camera.  With this month's steady rain, I've been testing the limits of my smartphone's camera, and have since learned that with it, indoor window shots (of a dark sky and raindrops) always turn out blurry.   

Been trying to not repost my daily Instagram photos here.  It's important to me that content is fresh and kept separate, although subject matter may overlap.  (Twitter, on the other hand, still confuses me--too many options for retweeting.)  Post-rain outdoor photography sessions are this month's muse...

The foggy chill after a heavy rain first pulls me outside, while capturing raindrops on camera (or smartphone) comes in a close second.  Standing, crouching, and shivering to the bone in the post-rain drab awakens my senses to a new world around me.  Five minutes turn in to fifteen, and soon half an hour slips by.  I blink, peering just close enough to see the last drop fall.

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