October 24, 2015

NEW: Asparagus Ferns

New shop offering: asparagus ferns!  These indoor plants are interesting, both in look and composition.  Asparagus ferns are POISONOUS if ingested, and are a mild skin irritant if handled--plus the sprigs have prickly bits on them.  So if you have overly curious pets or kids, please do not purchase.  It is better to err on the side of caution with these things.

Asparagus ferns for sale

On a positive note, this low-light plant is relatively easy to grow.  Grow indoors in an area of partial sun and partial shade.  Pick off and dispose of dead leaves and withering stems.

My plants:
I grew these asparagus ferns indoors from untreated seed in organic soil, and utilized partial sun conditions (see above image).  Each sprig is approx. 5"-12" tall/long.  You will receive ONE of the plants shown in the planter.  Limited stock: purchase an asparagus fern here.

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