September 12, 2015

Back in Stock: Spider Plants

Back for a limited time in shop are spider plants.  I currently listed a few for sale, but will add more once the pups (aka baby spider plants) develop thicker roots and leaves.  Grown in organic soil in a biodegradable indoor planter, these plants are a favorite of mine because of their ease of care.  They demand little light and grow well in small-to-medium-sized containers.

Purchase a spider plant here.

P.S. I recently went on a jewelry-making streak and created some gorgeous pieces with an autumn color palette.  Can't wait to photograph and share them with you all!  Check back here for sneak peeks, or find me on Instagram @ectiwshop.  (Note: I have decided to nix my 15% off for IG followers because PayPal has a new-as-of-10/30 policy where those receiving refunds must have a PayPal account in order to obtain the discount!)

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