July 29, 2015

New in Shop & Catching Up

I hope you are all doing well.  It feels like a long time since I have blogged here about recent happenings, so I wanted to do so in this post.  Currently, my goal is to take some time each day away from the Internet and social media to nurture my inner self and the creative spirit that drives me.  I am not one to gather energy and enthusiasm from being online, although I wish I did, for it would make the creative process a whole lot easier!  Still, I am glad to be doing what I love--and am grateful that my work has continuously been well received.  Wedding orders have kept me pretty busy lately, and it has been fun working with kind brides-to-be, bringing their ideas to life.  Without your support, my work would not be possible, so thank you.  I know I do not say it enough.

Here are some new pieces added to the shop:

Citrine Point Pendant - Cognac Brown

Bold Monogram - Small Manila Hang Tags

Gemmy Amethyst Point Pendant

If you have been following my new-ish Instagram feed, you may have seen the following images below:

Although it is only the end of July, my mind is already headed towards autumn.  Towards the dark, moody, and evocative glowing richness of autumn-inspired jewelry, that is.  (And the crisp weather that will hopefully accompany the season.)  The above stone collection still sits on my jewelry-making table, waiting for a day of non-stop inspiration to beckon the creative spirit.  Jewelry design ideas are brewing, but the timing is not quite right yet.  This is how my brain works, frustratingly enough.

Speaking of inspiration and creativity...

This pledge item has finally arrived!  Rachael Yamagata's new album, slated for release later this year, will undoubtedly be a work of musical genius.  Each of her albums are--most notably the ones that are funded with the help of fans.  Absolutely cannot wait.  If you're interested, watch her live performance of its funktastic title track here.

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