June 19, 2015

Catching Up

It feels like I have not blogged about the comings and goings of shop life lately.  Beyond writing services and jewelry making, I have been coming up with gift tag designs (for weddings and the like).  Lots of them.  It's funny how my brain follows one train of thought until it exhausts all possibilities.  The other week, I designed five mini tags--with three of these designs finding their way to the photography table, and then subsequently to my shop.  For me, creativity and inspiration come in unparalleled spurts, so my ideas often do not quite translate as envisioned onto paper the first time around.  Typically, it is just a small change that will better the design, fill in the awkward spaces.  But I have been known to crumple up a once-revered idea, and toss it back into the recesses of my mind.  And the wastebasket.

Between the prototype and the final draft though is lots of coffee drinking, talking aloud, and walking around to loosen up the original idea in order to make coherent mental edits.  I need the mental and physical space to work through an idea, the freedom to look like a bumbling fool to the mere passerby.

Oh, the woes of the creative mind.  Others may lovingly refer to it as the "creative process."  Whatever your preferred phrase may be, know that you are not alone.

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