May 07, 2015

NEW Short Social Media Profile Writing Service

As requested by a client, I recently added a custom writing service for a 150-character social media blurb to my shop.  This writing service is ideal for sellers and non-sellers alike whose social media site profiles have a limited character count, as seen on the popular sites Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  A profile section is one of the first things a peruser will see on your social media page, so the blurb must clearly get your message across to capture the viewer's attention.  This specific section is also where you briefly describe yourself and work.  The task of writing a short social media blurb can feel especially daunting when a limited character count affects what can (and cannot) be stated.  So at this juncture is where I come in. 

With this writing service, I will help you clarify the information to be included in your limited character-count profile, and then with your further input, narrow down the word count by focusing on keywords that best suit the writing's purpose.  To ease matters, more than one short profile (or variations of a single profile) can be drafted at an additional price; specific pricing is found under the listing's options.  See the listing here.

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