April 19, 2015

New in Shop: Pale Pink Custom Wedding Cardstock

A few weeks ago, I took a fairly large creative leap and ordered pale petal-pink cardstock for my shop's hand-stamped paper goods.  I've always gravitated to more neutral colors, so although this light pink hue is brighter than my typical color palette, the lighter shade seems to fit into my shop aesthetic pretty well.  This sweet, feminine color, which I call "pale petal pink," can also be described as "pale carnation pink" or even "light blush," making it a perfect touch for spring weddings, bridal showers, and engagement parties.  It's girly without being over the top.

My new designs with this cardstock showcase a hand-stamped floral flourish symbol and/or typewriter font (stamped letter by letter), giving it a sweet English garden-teatime aesthetic, which is both pretty and quaint.  Below is a visual comparison of my signature sage-green cardstock with this new pale petal-pink one:

The petal-pink hue, as you can likely see, is difficult to capture on camera.  Also, since this cardstock is light in color, stray stamp markings are more noticeable than on my other paper goods for sale (click on the image above for a visual).  Unlike printed items, my stamping is done entirely by hand and letter-by-letter using stamps and archival ink, which allows for slight handmade variances per tag, as well as optimal uniqueness that cannot be replicated by using a printer.

I will be adding more paper goods in this sweet hue to my shop soon--  

see the latest offerings here.

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