October 09, 2014

Harvesting for Fall

Oh autumn, how I am so happy that you are now here.  In the time between writing for clients and for myself too, I've been harvesting for fall, anticipating and hopeful for a drizzly and wet next few seasons.  I've felt my creativity swell under the gentle crispness of fall in the air, more detectable now than it was last week during our autumn heatwave; felt fall stir up excitement-filled emotions in me--mostly in hopes of working while donning a cozy sweater over my normal clothes, sipping milk-tinged chai tea or taking in the smoky scent of freshly brewed, comforting coffee that will permeate the room.  Reaching for the great outdoors to instill bountiful autumn colors into my expanding, pulsating field of vision, I hope for a consistent rhythm--a creative drumming of beat amid the white-noise of rain and the visual of fall leaves--to carry me through the next few months as I plan for the busy holiday season.

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