August 17, 2014

Finally I Understood

finally by MaxiKohan
via Pinterest 

"Pin"-ing (not to be confused with pining, although I'm sure some pining is also done on the site) images on Pinterest has got to be one of the most interesting (and time consuming) pastimes due to the visual overload that includes home and wedding decor ideas, as well as other pretty pictures.  However, the site is also where I've found some really thought-provoking imagery--albeit hidden in-between the DIYs for weddings and kids, and the wanderlust stuff--such as the above image of a breathtaking mini journal book that imperfectly reminds us that it's the little things in life that are the most important.  For me, this is a humbling thought to live by.

In addition to the typical DIY and pretty picture pins, I also try to pin more content-based images, such as pictures that deal with social issues, or images of creative intellectuals (some of my favorite pins of all time happen to be one of scholar Cornell West, and the other of writer Joan Didion seen on this board).

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