June 27, 2014

Summer Days Ahead


All I want to do is cultivate my indoor garden and read classic literature this summer.  However, I've got a lot more to do in the next few months, such as:

1. Work on my new domain : www.theintrovertedwriter.com--I'm very excited about this very recent development.  (It is my hope that this particular site, if it comes to manageable fruition, will constitute an easier-to-remember link.  Yes, it is from my experience that people tend to not remember the name, EmeraldCut!  My blog and Etsy shop urls will remain the same.)

2. Figure out some important EmeraldCut logistics, in relation to the new (hopefully) easier-to-remember site.  (Define, define, define.)

3. Cultivate my indoor garden.  (Enough said.  Something as simple as caring for an indoor, windowsill garden = sanity.)

 4. Read.  (Mainly, finish reading the two books that I have on my desk by the end of summer, and if this is done, start a few more; I'm a very slow and compulsive reader.)


5. Drink coffee on a regular basis. (A girl can have her coffee, can't she?  For me, a morning coffee is part of the contemplative process of easing into the day, of helping to generate new ideas, perspectives, and thoughts.  It is often that these wildly erratic, caffeine-high thoughts provide the fundamental blueprint for EmeraldCut items for sale in my shop, in addition to inspiration for blog topics.)

6. Psyche myself up for this bridesmaid business.  (Terrifying, indeed, for me!)

7. Learn how to embrace changes.  (I think that this a statement that rings true for many introverts who tend to dance to the beat of their own drum rather than follow the crowd.  If you're like me, changes can sometimes throw you off-kilter.  But instead of viewing change as disorienting, look at it as a learning experience.  A disorienting learning experience is more like it!  This adjustment in mindset is far easier said than done, but I'm working on it.)

How will you spend your summer?  I hope it's both relaxing and productive!

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