May 29, 2014

Times of Old

Times of old fill me to the brim of excitement
As I am lost in the raucous history of now deserted places from times past.
Seeping into my bones are the emotions left behind 
In old shuttered buildings
And melancholy creaking trees 
That whisper age-old secrets
Into my ear
Like a tickle,
A hoarse laugh,
A message driven by horse and carriage--
Across miles vast.

Now a ghostly row of dilapidated buildings,
This stop is not one openly sought,
But for us history-loving folk,
 This meager row inspires in us
An ecstatic giddiness,
A wonderment over the secrets held here
(For there must be many)
As we relive a part of history
 Through the touch of a lens,
Through tromping across historic ground--
From which we are left
Brimming with awe.

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