May 04, 2014

Spring Inspiration: Purple Sweet Pea

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Sweet pea, apple of my eye
Don't know when and I don't know why
You're the only reason I keep on coming home

- Amos Lee, "Sweet Pea"

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I myself am not a huge flower person, but when I found images of the purple Sweet Pea on Pinterest, I swooned.  There's something about its accessible beauty, its robust structure and delicately curved eaves of petal in soft, ethereal lilac and vibrant plum hues that caught my attention--put a little pep in my step.  Its grace and simplicity, coupled with various shades of pretty purple, makes the Sweet Pea the perfect springtime flower for both indoor and outdoor decor, whether it be incorporated into an existing or brand new space.

Place in assorted vases and display together for textured eclecticism--or place a few stems in with cream or white-colored flowers and lush foliage for an electric pop of color.

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These versatile flowers will jazz up any occasion.  If simplicity is more your thing, Sweet Pea can also be regally displayed on its own, singly or in odd-number groups, for a classic-yet-dramatic contemporary look without the bulk and weight of larger flower arrangements.  

Wouldn't Sweet Pea make for delightful table centerpieces?

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Not to mention, Sweet Pea will look stunning in a bridal bouquet.


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