May 15, 2014

Lately: Fun Stuff

Been having lots of fun lately reading new things, seeing new things, putting interesting scraps together to make random-yet-neat things.  A bit of color there, strips of paper here...lots of stamping, letter by letter.

The above EmeraldCut tags were created using random book page scraps, gold dot washi tape, teal ink, and my trusty modern Art Deco font stamps.  They will go to new homes with sold book page goods from my shop.  (A variation of this design can seen here.)

Another exciting development...

My Thumbelina Leigh Lavender plant is blooming again, quite grandly.  Beautifully, even.  A bunch of buds will be listed for sale once they dry.  They're so intoxicatingly fragrant--keep your eyes peeled for their listing in a month or so.

Sorry for all the icky hand photos, but that's something else I'm working on: more dynamic photo layouts!  Can you tell in the second image?

* * *

To close, the sentiment expressed in this witty blog just about sums up how I feel about things right a tee.  I'm sure glad that I'm not the only one who is feeling this way!

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