January 31, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

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I'm feeling a little nostalgic today, as I am writing countless drafts of a meaningful letter in support of saving a lighthouse where I felt innately at home.  The first few drafts were fact-filled and devoid of any real argument.  They lacked the fight that characterizes a thoughtful letter.  My husband went through these very drafts, pointed this issue out to me (at which point I became frustrated because I, indeed, was lost in the facts), so I let the thoughts sit in my mind for awhile.  I allowed them to form without structure, gave them breath without judgment.

And today was the day that the letter took real form, coalesced into a cohesive, coherent piece without the pulling of teeth or hair--metaphorically speaking, of course.  Writing isn't easy sometimes, especially when there is a deeper significance to the act itself, which in this case is to help save Point Cabrillo Light Station.

I can't believe that this is the same lighthouse that was slated for closure a little more than a short year ago...before California "found" $54 million in a "hidden" State Park account.   Read more about the current issue regarding Point Cabrillo Light Station here.  (FYI: Point Cabrillo is technically called a "light station" because the grounds include more than just a lighthouse.  In fact, it's one of the most complete light stations in the United States.)

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