December 30, 2013

To Close the Year

Dear 2013,
   You've been a tough and trying year--I do not doubt that.  But in addition, you've been a year of self-discovery and completion; an impetus towards loftier goals made more attainable with time and a reflective state of mind.  For instance, this year, despite my fleeting fears, I've expanded my shop to include stamped art and writing services.  I've also completed my long-awaited thesis, and am grappling with life post-academia.  (This is where my anxiety kicks in, where the song-and-dance number that keeps me trudging onward halts.  Skips a beat.  'Tis life.)

   This year has seen goodness arise, as well.  All around.  Reconnection, resurrection.  I could work on the reconnection part, but I am trying my best, 2013--I really am.  Sometimes I just take the high road, the long and winding one without any clear sign of reprieve, but all the while I'm observing and learning, taking it all in.  Occasionally, my heart is so darned full that it feels as if it will burst, but that's what happens when you feel deeply, right?  I'd like to think so.

   As the year winds down and 2014 is within grasp, I can feel a fullness in the's brimming with possibilities.  And because of this, I can't think of a better way to close the year.

   aka EmeraldCut

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