September 29, 2013

On Blogging

I know that my blog posts tend to have that lost-in-thought quality, sometimes--a not quite tangible perspective that is heightened by an unbridled, free-wheeling introversion.  One that takes you by the hand and wanders, with you, across vast stretches of solitary land.  Upturning pebbles and rocks, to see the imprint left beneath them; catching angles of light just so.

For me, blogging is not solely a creative outlet that documents the process--it is a journey, a secret talisman of sorts.  A trek over otherwise difficult terrain and salubrious territory, this conscious act is an exercise that is in equal parts moderation and exertion.  It pushes me to face and examine commonly held certainties, as well as the uncertainties, since one cannot exist without the other.

Writing, an extension of which is blogging, 
is both part and parcel; it is sanity.  

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