August 19, 2013

Late Summer Update

How have you been?  Your summer?  I've been hunkering down lately, working routinely with ideas and bringing them to life.  It's been tough at times, this all-consuming idea tinkering, but I feel the most creative like this: drawing up plans, tweaking ideas, and working with my hands through product design and photography.  Sounds fancier than it actually is.  What it really entails is a huge mess of scrap paper, stamps, jewelry stones, and wire sprawled out on the floor...and on two desks.  I have to have everything all laid out in front of me.  This work can be tedious; occasionally, day-long projects are scrapped entirely.  Some project ideas have fallen by the wayside, while others consistently keep me moving--it is these latter ones that cast an inviting, golden glow amid the overcast sky just beyond my window.

This summer has been the time to tie up some loose ends, but with the onset of fall comes a sudden inspiration, much like the heightened, awe-like state of seeing waves crash violently along a craggy coast for the first time.  You are humbled, by your very nature, of being so feeble and small (insubstantial, really) compared to the mighty roar of nature--this is currently how I am feeling in regards to the flow of ideas that I am now decidedly working with.

Like how some people crave sunshine and picnics, I like craggy coasts and the white-noise sound of waves crashing against them.  Ever so timely yet unpredictable, it is much like a euphoric melody.

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