May 14, 2013

The Day My Computer (Almost) Died

I have an older version of the celebrated Macbook, and it has truly lived up to its hype: no computer viruses, quick log-in time, and too many fun apps to fill up my free time.  What more could I ask for?

Well, the Macbook lived up to its hype until yesterday, when I turned on my laptop and it gave a dejected sigh, and then subsequently went dead.  In disbelief, I tried turning it on again and again, until it quit making any noise and went completely dead.  My six-year-old workhorse, dead??  I was in a mild state of shock over this, I kid you not.

Don't know how I got this bright idea, but I did.  (You see, I'm not fully in-tune with technology.  Case in point: I taught myself how to use the iMovie app just last year.)  Take out the battery--which now does not work without the outlet charger plugged in at all times, clean off the dust layers that thickly line the surfaces of where the battery and battery chamber meet, and lastly, put it all back in safely and securely.  What do you know, that did the trick.

Today, my laptop turned on normally, sans the dejected sigh and blank screen--so, it was a (very) superficial battery issue and not a hardware one.  Who knew that a layer of dust could cause a computer to malfunction like this.  And I thought technology was the culprit, ha!

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Unknown said...

Long live the Mac. lol