May 07, 2013

Indoor Decor: Memories

Left to right:
Creamer with spout: stayarthomemom
Organic white bud vase: honeyandheat
Tall brown vase: StoneworksPottery

(In the white bud vase is a portion of the dried thyme bouquet from our yard, which I blogged about here.  The doily is from a local brick-and-mortar teashop/antiques shop.)

I've never been much of an interior decorator in any sense of the word, so when I saw that these pottery pieces fit well together--in an eclectic sort of way, it genuinely made my day.  It's kind of like life in that respect...a mish-mash of occurrences and daily routines that are not outwardly connected in any meaningful or tangible way.  That is, until something interesting happens, and you see that each step taken has gradually lead you to your current situation, your current frame of reference.

I realize that it's probably not a good idea to compare life to the accumulation of things, since life is immeasurable and priceless, and commodities, well, always have a price on their heads.  However, in this life, we accumulate things that we place value on, whether it be intrinsic or overt, so commodities are, in a way, a somewhat accurate measurement of our lives, revealing what we hold dear.  In an instant here; in an instant gone--but always an insight into the lives left behind.

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