March 06, 2013

Shop Happy

It's midweek again, and I'm not feeling quite productive--hesitating somewhere between wanting to glue myself to the computer with hard copy draft in hand, and yearning deeply to follow a recent uptake in creativity.  One fatal swoop is all there is to it...

So I decided to go with the creative streak.

I apologize if you've stopped by my shop over these past few weeks, perhaps months, and witnessed en masse a consistent change in shop banner.  It drove me mad to not have a banner that fit the EmeraldCut mood and overall aesthetic, so like clockwork, I continued sorting through my photos until I found one (or two or twelve) that I believed would make a suitable shop banner.  It's been an ongoing process--designing, editing, and trying out different shop headers--but a dozen or so designs later, I am finally content with the result.  If you've missed the shop header show, below is a recap of a few designs:

And yes, after you design a few, your eyes do cross.

* * *

The final banner:

Incorporates an earthy, olive-green peridot, my favorite stone; a book page; my shop name in a unique, readable font. 

* * *

In celebration of this recent shop happy...
For orders $25 and over, apply ILOVESPRING at checkout for $5.00 off your purchase! Excludes donation items; offer ends March 15th.

Have you ever been this creatively meticulous?
It's a headache in the moment, but the end product is worth every moment spent.


Unknown said...

LOL. But i loved BANNER NUMBER 2!!!

Want to design mine?

EmeraldCut said...

Let's see how long I stick with the current banner--I also liked banner #2, but with the shorter line (which I did not include in "the banner show," lol).