January 25, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Not to heavily borrow the Roberto Benigni film title, but isn't life truly beautiful?  In all of its tragedy and triumph, our life-hardened hearts still have the capacity--through the contingency of emotional and physical turmoil--to forgive, trust, and relate.  Not once or twice, but dozens of times (if not more).  Sure, it may outwardly appear to be a vicious cycle sometimes, this life, but its continuous lessons are consistent and true: the pain is just as poignant as the joy; its trials and tribulations are equally as important as their outcomes.

More times than not, I am, admittedly, blind to the lesson learned...but occasionally, I get it.  It is in those latter experiences that moments of clarity arise, and I remember what not only rings true, but also what truly matters.   

Trustingly, I know that I am not alone.  Hopeful, I have finally become.   


Unknown said...

It is. Isn't that great?

EmeraldCut said...

Totally! :) Wouldn't have it any other way.