December 14, 2012

State of Affairs

The national tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut today rattles me down to the very core, and I doubt that this acute feeling of grief will subside anytime soon.  I contemplated whether or not to blog about it today, with the painful emotions still vividly fresh and the tears still brimming in the eyes; images of terrified schoolchildren and crying parents still deeply ingrained in my mind.  Shock.  How does one justify the magnitude of loss this holiday season?  This extremely cowardly, inhuman act of domestic terrorism leaves such a bitter, bitter taste in my mouth.  I am left with the difficult task of trying to stay warm when both my mind and soul are so horrifically shaken that I take little notice of the chill, the numbness; the exacting pain.  My mind cannot fully process what has happened--a strange disconnect between the mind and body--thinking of Christmas for the families who have lost.

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