October 11, 2012


Oh, my little hummingbird friends, how I will miss you so--as the crisp autumn weather becomes increasingly more permanent; as the days inch closer and closer to mid-October: only to gently ease into shortened winter days.  In this festive palette of golds and reds--and oranges, too--you will most likely flock off to a warmer place in search of both adequate shelter and food. 

But will our hummingbird feeder entice you to stay, all two or three of you? 

We will see, come mid-November--when the trees become bare and the sky tinges with reflections of the golds, and reds, and oranges, too, from the hibernating earth below--if you shall stay, or if you shall go.  If it is the latter, I will surely miss you so, as I count down the days to mid-spring in hopes of your return.

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Unknown said...

I miss mine, too! They're so sweet.