September 02, 2012

Week in Photos

I couldn't part with the accompanying captions, so this post's arrangement is in both photo and word.

Found this snippet from one of my copies of Jane Eyre today, which strangely describes my previous post sentiment.  Weirdness, indeed, for someone of an apprehensive stock.
Tried to create a new blog banner...

...but to no avail.

Attempting to grow a bitty spider plant in a vintage milk glass ramekin (I was told that this would be simple, but please wish me luck!).
Purchased and received a sweet little creamer from the lovely StayARThomeMom; added my dried autumn leaf (showcased here) and mini lavender bouquet, which undoubtedly makes the display all the more autumn-y and the home more homey.

And that concludes my last week of August.

Hope you have a beautiful week...

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