September 22, 2012

Update: Thumbelina Leigh Lavender

Thumbelina Leigh Lavender in Mid-Spring 2012

Earlier this year, my husband and I purchased a Thumbelina Leigh Lavender plant.  This plant, which lives up to its long (albeit bitty) name, has been with us for nearly two seasons now and is still quite small and flowerless--even after we transplanted it into a larger pot in late spring.  There is a sad, sad reason to why the plant continues to be such a small fry: in early-to-mid summer (I've forgotten the exact date), I ended up over-pruning the poor thing, leaving it a skeletal mish mash of uneven-height stems.  Thought I may have killed the thing as I, in horror, watched the flowers shrivel up and fall, and the plant (sans flowers) become stouter.

Hence no blog posts or photos over the last few months--well, besides this post from July (notice the stubbiness!), until now...

This week, three little buds have made an appearance.  Tiny and delicate they may be, but I have high hopes for them.  And I am so elated that the plant's alive and thriving.  If it blooms in fall, like it's supposed to (Thumbelina Leighs bloom twice a year, once in spring and once in fall), I will post a celebratory photo...or two. 

Until then, happy autumn!

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